• Control System Design and Consultation
  • Application Software Engineering
  • Energy Audits and Practical Solutions
  • In House Control Panel Design, Manufacture and Testing
  • Integrated Pre-dispatch Simulation and Testing of the BMS/Control Panels (pre–commissioning)
  • Controls and Plant Electrical Installation
  • Control System Commissioning
  • Access and CCTV System Design and Installation
  • Integration with 3rd Party Devices

Service and Customer Support

  • Energy Audits
  • Energy Monitoring / Targeting
  • Planned Service Contacts
  • Emergency Callout
  • Metering Services
  • BMS Training

Bureau Support

“A correctly and regularly maintained BMS can minimise running costs, energy consumption and the pollution associated with energy use” (Sourced MBS Magazine Aug 2014 : Marc Harrison – The Essential Extra. )
  • Telephone support by our experienced engineers
  • BMS & IT Remote Support
  • Remote Bureau Support Facility – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Remote Monitoring and Reporting
  • Remote Energy Monitoring and Comprehensive Reports


  • Dedicated commissioning engineers to ensure consistency through to project handover to the client
  • Dedicated commissioning procedures to ensure high quality of service
  • Full support of commissioning engineers from the project engineers

Design Services

  • Full consultation and design service
  • Full in house control panel design and manufacture
  • Project management and engineering

Front End Supervisors

BTS Can offer the following front end supervisor packages:

  • Trend 963
  • Andover Continuum
  • Cylon
  • BTS Also have full engineering knowledge to support
  • Trend Supervisors

Further information on any of the above items available upon request.

Software and Graphics Production

  • Dedicated systems software engineer with project engineers support
  • Dedicated graphics software engineer with project engineers full support
  • Utilisation of standard libraries of software and graphics to maintain high standards of system engineering

Onsite Support

BTS offer 24hr 365 days a year onsite support for customers.

We can offer energy audits, supported with action plans for implementing carbon reduction schemes, we can also propose funding methods of implementing these schemes.

Scheduled service and maintenance works are pre-planned and targeted at areas identified as part of our bureau support packages. Each service support contract is tailored to meet the customers exact requirements so you only pay for services you want!