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Whats the weather like in Warrington ?

Wireless weather station
Wireless weather station.....

BTS have a wireless weather station which is linked back to a Trend IQ3 controller, used to host the data online, for live data follow the link below:-

General features

· Data acquisition with 120 second interval

· Plug and play installation

· Easy setup of parameters like elevation via RS232 terminal based menu

· Mapping of values to three different address ranges in Trend

o A190 to A203,

o S19 to S33 or

o S1 to S12

· Acquires the following weather data:

o Barometer trend

o Barometer

o Inside Temperature

o Inside Humidity

o Outside Temperature

o Wind Speed

o 10 min. average Wind Speed

o Wind Direction

o Outside Humidity

o Rain Rate

o Storm Rain

o Day Rain

o Month Rain

o Year Rain

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