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One of the biggest challenges facing business today across all sectors is the rising cost of energy which results in a negative impact on a company’s financial performance. With buildings accounting for approximately 50% of the energy consumption and carbon emission in the UK coupled with new European legislation (the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive –EPBD) there has never been a greater need to act.

By reviewing a building’s controls & operational use, significant savings can be achieved reducing energy & Carbon Emissions by upto 20%.

Building Technology Systems has a simple 3 point approach to reducing energy consumption & carbon emissions

1. Identify – the existing energy performance through historical data, trends & consumption. A detailed survey of plant equipment & building occupancy schedules to understand the key areas of energy waste to implement short term gains & “best practice” awareness.

2. Invest to save – to realise the savings that are to be made across a site or building by investing in new energy efficient technology. This is then analyzed on cost/benefit basis to show a return on investment (ROI) or payback period. The proposals are put forward in an “Action Plan” which can be managed & actioned by our experienced projects & service engineers.

3. Monitor & Maintain – to maintain the performance & savings so far achieved it is important to continually improve & monitor thereafter by means of a Monitoring & Target system. This should be integrated across the site’s existing BEMS (where available) to offer a common platform thus reducing further costs & offering greater flexibility to accrue real energy usage and to manage future energy procurement.

Building Technology Systems can offer a complete energy review from start to finish or we will address individual aspects such as

  • Sub metering strategy
  • Automatic Monitoring & Targeting (aM&T)
  • Remote monitoring & bureau facility
  • Service & maintenance

The benefits

  • Improved occupant comfort & productivity
  • Increased onsite awareness
  • Increased plant life through remote monitoring & servicing
  • Reduced energy & operational costs

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